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Gülin & Kyle Null

A healthy balance can be achieved by taking the teaching strengths of the analog based Montessori Method and combining it with the creative problem solving and self-teaching power of the digital world



What kind of problems are you facing? Introducing yourself and getting a quote for the problems you face is free.

Virus Free Offspring

Stop wasting money having your child's computer fixed once a month. Instead, invest in having them trained to fix it themselves through 1 on 1 private tutoring from a Montessori Technology teacher.

Digital Shelf Work & Lesson Plans

Request and purchase custom made Digital Shelf-Work & Technology based lessons for your students & teachers.

Referral Program

Would you like to offer personalized IT support services to your non-profit school & business communities? I'm willing to donate a % of every technology invoice your school community brings to me.


Looking for someone passionate, quick to respond, and creative to develop personal relationships and mentor your staff, teachers, and students? Look no further, I'm available for retainer based mentoring.

Professional Development

Looking to improve work culture and productivity? Schedule live technology webinar training for teachers, administration, and students.

Wouldn't it be nice to have an IT guy on your speed dial?

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